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Comparative Production Performance of Three Fast Growing Broiler Strains in the Rainy Season of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Dharmendra Kumar Singh Vinay Kumar Singh Vinod Kumar Paswan
Vol 8(10), 205-211

Growth performance of broiler chicks depends on strains as well as season in addition to other management and nutritional factors. An experiment was conducted to determine the comparative production performance of three fast growing broiler strains viz. Hubbard, Vencobb and Vencobb-400 in rainy season of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Total 450 day-old chicks were divided in three groups of 150 chicks of each strain with three replications of 50 chicks in each. The production performance was analyzed in terms of feed intake, body weight gain, FCR, mortality percentage and dressing percentage, which were observed three times during the experimental period. Major findings of the experiment showed that there exists a significant difference in production performance of the three broiler strains during rainy season. Production performance in terms of feed intake, body weight gain, FCR, mortality percentage and dressing percentage were significantly different among the strains at each stage of experimental age. It was concluded that the production performance of Vencobb-400 was better than the other two strains during rainy season of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Keywords : Feed Intake Body Weight Gain FCR Rainy Season Hubbard Vencobb and Vencobb-400 Poultry Strains

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