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Comparative Studies on Blood Biochemical Profile of Anestrus and Normal Cyclic Jersey Cross-Bred Cows

Barathiraja Singaram Thanislass Jacob
Vol 7(3), 40-44

Efficient reproductive performance is mandatory for optimal milk production and profitability of dairy farmers; however fertility is affected by multiple factors including nutrition. Assessing metabolic profile of dairy animals can reveal the reasons behind the cause of infertility. In this work, comparison of the blood biochemical profile of Jersey cross-bred cows with regular cyclic and anestrus condition was done in rural areas of Puducherry region. Twenty apparently healthy cows about 3-6 years of age were divided into cyclic (Group I) and non-cyclic groups (Group II) based on the clinical conditions and presence or absence of corpus luteum on the ovaries. From the two groups, the blood samples were collected and the blood biochemical parameters including total plasma protein, blood glucose, total cholesterol, urea, calcium and phosphorus were analyzed colorimetrically. There was significant reduction in the total plasma protein and phosphorus levels in anestrus state. However, blood glucose, total cholesterol, calcium and urea did not differ between anestrus and regular cyclic condition. So the deficiency of inorganic phosphorus could be one of the nutritional factors for anestrus condition in cows of that particular location and by improving the nutritional status, fertility may be improved in these animals.

Keywords : Anestrus Biochemical Profile Nutrition Normal Cycle Jersey Cross-Bred Cow

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