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A Comparative Study of Immunity against Ticks in Cattle Vaccinated with Recombinant BM95 and Local Boophilus microplus Whole Extract Antigen

V. K. Pal S. K. Rewani
Vol 7(12), 143-153

Eighteen healthy cattle divided into three groups (A, B and C) of six animals in each. Engorged adult Boophilus microplus female ticks were reared for hatching, larval emergence, Local B. microplus larval whole extract antigen (BmWEAg) preparation and tick challenge infestation. Bm95 recombinant tick antigen was obtained from Indian Immunological Ltd., Hyderabad and BmWEAg was prepared in laboratory. Group A and B were inoculated with 1 ml of respective antigen on zero day and second dose in the same amount on 15th day after primary dose whereas group C kept as an unvaccinated control. All animals were challenged with 100 unfed larvae of B. microplus reared in laboratory on 30th day, 70th day and 120th day post vaccination. Tick biology parameters were recorded after first, second and third challenge. The percent attachment, number of engorged adult females, total number of eggs laid by the engorged females and larval hatching percentage of ticks were found to be significantly (P<0.01) reduced in Bm95 and BmWEAg vaccinated animals whereas oviposition period was significantly (P<0.01) increased only in Bm95 group of animals.

Keywords : Bm95 Recombinant Antigen Boophilus Microplus Antigen Tick Biology Tick Larval Tick Challenge Engorged Tick

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