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Comparative Study on Socio Economic Status of Contract and Non Contract Broiler Farmers in Karnataka

G. T. Gopala P. V. K. Sasidhar K. C. Veeranna M. Harisha Sushant Handage B. G. Veeranna Gowda
Vol 7(11), 153-160

The present study was taken up to study the Socio-economic profile of the contract and non-contract broiler poultry farmers in Karnataka. Study revealed that, among contract farmers and non-contract farmers 71.11 per cent and 51.11 were in the young age category respectively. Among the owners, 95.55 per cent and 96.66 per cent of the respondents in contract farming and non contract farming respectively were male respondents. Among the respondents, about 41.11 per cent and 43.34 per cent respectively in contract and non contract farmers had education up to intermediate. In contract broiler farming, 46.67 per cent of the respondents belonged to other backward category, where as in non- contract broiler farming 62.22 per cent of the respondents belonged to general category. In contract farming, poultry as the primary occupation was reported by only 33.33 per cent and 66.67 per cent of them reported poultry as a secondary occupation. Among the non-contract farmers, these figures were 45.56 per cent and 54.44 per cent respectively. Among farmers, contract farmers had mean experience of 5.28 years and non-contract farmers had mean experience of 5.93 years.

Keywords : Contract Broiler Farming Socio-economic Characteristics Karnataka

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