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Comparison of Clinico-Pathological and Immunopathological Techniques for Diagnosis of Rabies in Dogs

A. B. Beigh B. S. Sandhu S. Bashir C. K. Singh
Vol 8(8), 254-266

The present study was consummated to compare the sensitivity of detection of rabies virus antigen by different immunopathological techniques in specie which have pivotal role in transmission of the disease i.e. dogs. Out of total 41 cases, 22 cases were positive by direct-FAT, indirect-FAT, IHC and 12 cases by demonstration of Negri bodies i.e. histopathology and thus, revealed 68.75% sensitivity in comparison to direct- FAT. While as, indirect-FAT, and IHC revealed 100% sensitivity in comparison to direct-FAT. Percentage of neurons positive for Negri bodies by H & E and IHC were 13.22% and 33.63% and average number of Negri bodies detected per neuron by H & E and IHC were 1.39 and 2.75. Thus, it is concluded that rabies diagnosis in dogs can be accomplished from detection of rabies viral antigen from fixed brain tissues which offers same sensitivity as detection of rabies in impression smears.

Keywords : Dogs FAT IHC Histopathology Rabies

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