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Comparison of Three Different Lactation Curve Models for Prediction of Monthly Test Day Milk Yields in First Lactation Murrah Buffaloes

Nitesh Kumar Singh Rajbir Singh Atul Gupta Aashaq Hussain Dar Kurat ul Ain
Vol 7(6), 125-130

The present study was carried out using data on 11 monthly test-day milk yield (MTDMY) records during first lactation of 191 Murrah buffaloes calved during 2003- 2014 at Government Livestock Farm, Hisar and Livestock Research Centre, SVPUA&T, Meerut. The least square means of the MTDMY ranged from 4.625±0.145 to 10.636±0.214 kg. The relative efficiency of 3 lactation curve models via Inverse polynomial function (IPF), Gamma- type function (GF) and Mixed log function (MLF) were compared. Inverse polynomial functions described the highest coefficient of determination (99.49%) and comparatively lower root mean square errors 0.233 kg. Whereas, least coefficient of determination (97.24%) was observed in GF having comparatively lower root mean square errors 0.117 kg. Highest coefficient of determination (R2- value) suggesting IPF the best mathematical model for prediction of monthly test-day milk yields in Murrah buffaloes.

Keywords : Gamma Type Function Inverse Polynomial Function Lactation Curve Mixed Log Function Monthly Test Day Milk Yields Murrah Buffalo

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