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Comparison of Three Tests for Diagnosis of Canine Parvovirus Infection in Himachal Pradesh

Shalini Sharma Praseenjit Dhar Mandeep Sharma
Vol 9(11), 139-144

The aim of present study is to evaluate the most sensitive and specific test for the diagnosis of canine parvovirus. For this three different tests like PCR, HA/HI and dot-ELISA were used to detect canine parvovirus infection. A total of 102 faecal samples were collected from the dogs having haemorrhagic gastroenteritis from different regions of Himachal Pradesh. The samples were tested by PCR, HA/HI and dot-ELISA diagnostic tests. Out of total 102 faecal samples collected from dogs having haemorrhagic gastroenteritis PCR detected 52 samples positive, dot-ELISA showed 49 samples positive s and HA/HI detected 41 samples positive. Therefore, percent positivity obtained by PCR was (50.98%), dot-ELISA was (48.03%) and HA/HI was (40.19%). Study concluded that PCR is the most important diagnostic test for the diagnosis of canine parvovirus and it is highly sensitive and specific test.

Keywords : Canine parvovirus dot-ELISA HA/HI PCR

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