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Comparison of TANUCHEK Somatic Cell Count Test and CMT for the Detection of Sub – Clinical Mastitis in the Milk of Lactating Dairy Cows of Coimbatore District

Periaswamy Nithya Kandasamy Sivakumar Ardhanary Aruljothi K. G. Tirumurugaan
Vol 7(8), 173-178

The objective of the present study was to compare and evaluate the correlation between TANUCHEK Somatic Cell Count (SCC) Test and California Mastitis Test (CMT) for the detection of sub-clinical mastitis in the milk of lactating dairy cows of Coimbatore district. In the present study, 24 lactating dairy cows from three farms in Coimbatore district were selected and the two tests – TANUCHEK SCC test and CMT were performed simultaneously. Out of 96 quarters examined each with TANUCHEK SCC Test, 24 (25.00%) and with CMT, 21 (21.87%) quarters showed increase in SCC. Comparison between the two methods showed a weak positive correlation (r=0.163) between the two tests when all the test values were taken into consideration (70% agreement between the two methods). The coefficient of determination r2=0.027 which indicates 2.7% of the variation between the two tests can be explained based on the linear relationship that exists between the two methods. The present study revealed that there is a 70 per cent correlation between the two methods and TANUCHEK SCC Test is very sensitive and specific and out of 96 quarters examined, the total number of quarters showed positive for sub- clinical mastitis in TANUCHEK SCC Test is 21 (21.88%) and in CMT, 14 (14.58%). The TANUCHEK SCC Test detects increase in somatic cell count precisely and can be conveniently used in field conditions to detect sub – clinical mastitis in dairy cows.

Keywords : TANUCHEK SCC Test California Mastitis Test Somatic Cell Count

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