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Congenital Heart Diseases in Dogs – An Overview

R. B. Vishnurahav S. Ajithkumar Usha Narayana Pillai Madhavan Unny N.
Vol 7(9), 1-10

Congenital heart diseases are defined as anatomical and morphological defects of the heart or great vessels at the time of birth. Congenital defects are formed primarily during the different phases of embryonic development or at birth or secondary to a drug or toxin. Most of the congenital heart diseases are inherited. Most common congenital heart diseases are patent ductus arteriosus, subaortic stenosis, pulmonic stenosis and tetralogy of fallot followed by other less commonly reported conditions like atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, dysplasia of atrioventricular valves and persistent right aortic arch. Most of the congenital diseases progress towards cardiac failure that can be managed by drugs or its correction by interventional procedures.

Keywords : Congenital Stenosis

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