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Constraints about Dairy Farming in Central Zone of Punjab by Garrett’s Ranking Technique

M. H. Malik H. K. Verma R. K. Sharma
Vol 7(11), 215-219

A study was conducted to identify the constraints faced by dairy farmers in the central zone of Punjab through multistage stratified random sampling with a sample size of 200 dairy farmers that were categorized into commercial (more than 50) and non-commercial (less than 50) dairy farmers as per their herd size. The data were analyzed by Garrett’s ranking technique. The findings of this study indicated that the major constraints faced by dairy farmers as per the Garrett’s average score in commercial category were unstable price of milk (74.17%), high feeding cost (68.26%), treatment cost (60.11%), salvage of male calf and unproductive animals (50.94%), high cost of high yielding breeds and their availability (45.27%), poor AI services and irregular availability of semen (45.22%), poor extension service (43.04%), inadequate knowledge of disease and their control (40.30%), credit facility from the banks (38.02%) and poor knowledge of scientific farming (32.61%). However, in case of non-commercial dairy farmer, the major constrains were almost the same as observed in commercial category but high cost of high yielding breeds and their availability (55.41%) ranks second and poor extension service (51.03%) ranks fifth in this category. It may be concluded that in order to ease the financial burden due to these constraints, planners should formulate target oriented strategies against each constraint on contingency basis.

Keywords : Breeds Commercial Constraints Dairy Farmers Non-Commercial

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