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Constraints Faced by Native Chicken Farmers in Tamil Nadu Under Intensive Management System

P. Balamurugan S. Ezhil Valavan N. K. Sudeep Kumar
Vol 9(9), 157-160

A study was conducted in the Western districts of Tamil Nadu viz, Coimbatore, Erode and Tirupur to identify various constraints faced by the farmers during native chicken production (Garret ranking technique). Selection of respondents of poultry farmers was done on the basis of Simple Random Techniques. The data were collected from each respondent through a semi-structured interview schedule as well as self-observations. Major constraints faced by farmers rearing native chicken in the descending order of importance were non-availability of exclusive feed (69.62 %) for native breeder chicken, seasonal marketing (64.02 %), higher mortality (57.38 %), non-availability of labour (54.71 %), non-availability of quality day old native chicks (54.31 %), delay in technical advice (50.33 %), price fluctuations (47.84 %), lack of transportation facility (45.87 %), non-remunerative price (33.56 %) for farm produce and other minor constraints included electricity, fly problem, low productivity of native chicken and high interest rate on loan.

Keywords : Constraints Intensive System Native Chicken

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