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Constraints Persuade by Progressive Dairy Farmers in Scientific Dairy Farming in Mehsana District of Gujarat

Nischay Patel Hitesh Savani Mitul Prajapati Parineeta Kakati
Vol 9(12), 206-211

The present study was carried out to analyze the constraints faced by the progressive dairy farmers in Mehsana district. This study was conducted in 15 villages of Mehsana district by personally interviewing 150 dairy farmers. The data were analyzed by Garrett’s ranking technique. Referring to major feeding constraints faced by dairy farmers were the high cost of concentrate feed or feed ingredients (63.16%) and inadequate knowledge about the scientific feeding of dairy animals (56.28%). Referring to the major breeding constraints low genetic potential of local animal (57.30%) and not avail a good number of fertility camp for the breeding animals (49.36%) were found. In health and management lack of awareness and knowledge about the importance of vaccination (58.22%) and lack of knowledge about clean milk production (49.40%) were found chief constraints. Non-ruminative price for milk (59.90%) and less efficient extension department for transfer of technology (50.90%) were found as key constraints in another category.

Keywords : Breeding Constraints Dairy Farming Feeding Garrett’s raking Health and Management

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