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Consumption Pattern of Coloured Broiler Birds in Karnataka

Jagadeeswary Vankayala Lavanya Ramalingia Satyanarayan Kamardi Narasimhamurthy H. N. Shilpa Shree J.
Vol 7(3), 10-15

India's poultry industry has transformed from a mere backyard activity into a major commercial activity. The present study was undertaken to study the consumption pattern of coloured broiler birds in Karnataka with a total sample of 90 consumers selected randomly. The study revealed that majority (96.67%) of the respondents preferred coloured broiler meat because of taste. Majority of the respondents lived in small family (88.89%) and decision making regarding consumption was predominated by males (68.89%). Majority of the respondent’s household consumed 1.5 - 4 Kgs meat per time and spent 75-349 rupees to purchase coloured broiler meat at a time. Nearly half of the consumers consumed coloured broiler meat once in a fortnight and majority (70.00%) of the respondents had an average consumption of 1 - 14 kgs coloured broiler meat /month /household. Majority (53.34%) of the respondents had per capita consumption of 3-13 Kg per year and most (44.45%) of them preferred curry as utilization product. Most of the respondents expressed price and tenderness as the major reasons for consuming coloured broiler chicken. The respondents have ranked the native bird as first and highly preferred meat followed by coloured broiler meat. All the respondents preferred to eat coloured broiler meat in winter followed by monsoon, rainy season and summer. Consumption preference was positive towards coloured broiler farmers.

Keywords : Consumption Pattern Coloured Broiler Consumer Preference Karnataka

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