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Contribution and Issues of Women in Livestock Sector of India: A Review

Kuldeep Dudi Indu Devi Raj Kumar
Vol 9(8), 37-48

Livestock sector is an integral component of rural farmers livelihoods and it is largely taken care by women. Most of the animal husbandry activities like fodder collection, feeding, watering, health care, general management, compost making, milking, household-level processing and value addition are performed by women. Although women play an important role in livestock sector, but their contribution in livestock rearing has not been given due place and their share in income from livestock is considered negligible. Gender disparity regarding wages also exist. Efforts are needed to correct gender biasness, increase the capacity of women to meet their strategic needs and to document systematically their inputs and outputs. Women have less access to technology, extension services, less women farmer’s organizations, hence they should be promoted to participate in outside exposure activities like marketing, selling and purchasing of animals. Seven important pillars of women empowerment are: decision making, access to knowledge, self-esteem, credit facility, livestock services, social support, market accessibility and asset ownership. Trainings should be organised for women farmers to remove their knowledge gaps regarding specific animal husbandry activities.

Keywords : Gender Knowledge Livestock Women Training

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