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Cost of Production of Low Fat Milk ‘Coagulum’ Rings Incorporated With Optimized Level of Unripe Banana Powder and Banana Peel Powder

H. Lalawmpuii Geeta Chauhan S. K. Mendiratta Tarun Pal Singh Vishal Kumbhar
Vol 8(7), 212-219

Milk coagulum can be efficiently utilized for the preparation of an acceptable ready to eat milk based snacks milk ‘coagulum’ rings. Besides nutritive value and sensory acceptability of food products, the cost factor also determines greatly its market feasibility. In the present study, the milk ‘coagulum’ rings were extended with pre-optimized level of fiber rich extenders namely unripe banana powder (11%) (T1) and banana peel powder (6%) (T2). It was observed that the incorporation of these extenders reduced the cost of production of milk ‘coagulum’ rings. The cost of production per Kg of product was ₹ 473.94, ₹ 433.27 and ₹ 446.38 for control, T1 and T2 respectively. Considering the sale price of ₹ 55.00 per 100g of product, a profit per 100g packet was the highest for T1, a profit of ₹ 7.00, ₹ 11.00 and ₹ 10.00 each can be obtained from control, T1 and T2 respectively. Thus, it can be concluded that the formulation cost of product extended with 11% unripe banana powder was the lowest and the production of the same can be adopted effectively to generate income by unemployed entrepreneurs and to provide easy access of high quality milk coagulum based products at a lower cost.

Keywords : Milk ‘Coagulum’ Rings Unripe Banana Powder Banana Peel Powder Cost Analysis

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