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Cryopreservation Induced Alteration in Sperm Morphology in Hariana Bull Semen

Chetna Gangwar Atul Saxena P. K. Shukla S. P. Singh Akhil Patel Mohit Antil Abhinov Verma
Vol 9(2), 282-288

Present study was conducted on four Haryana bulls to evaluate the effect of semen cryopreservation on sperm morphology. Thirty two semen ejaculates, 08 from each bull were collected using Artificial Vagina method at weekly interval. After preliminary semen evaluation, suitable semen samples were diluted with glycerolated egg yolk TRIS diluter. Semen samples were cryopreserved following the equilibration for 4hrs. at 5˚C and finally stored into liquid nitrogen container. For sperm morphology head length, head width, base width, head area, mid piece length, tail length, total length, head ellipticity, head elongation and head regularity was measured in fresh as well as cryopreserved semen samples. Findings of this study revealed that there is a significant (P< 0.05) reduction in head area and other measurements of spermatozoa after cryopreservation. It may be concluded that cryopreservation induces various morphological changes in sperm which might be responsible for reduced fertility of frozen thawed spermatozoa.

Keywords : Cryopreservation Fertility Hariana Bull Sperm Morphometry

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