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Cytotherapeutics- Emerging Tool of Clinical Application in Veterinary Sciences

Zul-I-Huma Neelesh Sharma Jyoti Misri Amit Kumar Singh Dong Kee Jeong Sung Jin Lee
Vol 8(7), 21-37

Cytotherapeutics refers to prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of disease or injuries by the administration of autologous, allogenic or xenogenic cells (manipulated or altered ex vivo). Cells with the power of unlimited self-renewal which when triggered can differentiate into advantageous specialized cell types, such types of cells are known as pluripotent stem cells. They provide an unprecedented hope in the treatment of many debilitating diseases of humans as well as animals and have enormous use in the animal cloning, drug discovery, gene targeting, transgenic animal, chimera production and regenerative therapy. Animal models are being used widely to study their properties and potential for possible future application in human medicine. In veterinary medicine, it continues to evolve rapidly both experimentally and clinically. Therefore, there’s a lot of hope and emphasis is to be laid on the research of newly evolving field of human as well as veterinary regenerative medicine.

Keywords : Stem Cells Embryonic Stem Cells Ligament Repair Liver Progenitor Cells Mammary Epithelial Cells

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