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Dairy Farmers Satisfaction towards Livestock Service Delivery of NGOs in Bihar

Shashi Ranjan Sanjay Kumar Rewani Vijendra Kumar Pal Lalhumliana Tochhawng Debasis Ganguli
Vol 8(5), 136-142

The present study was undertaken in Saharsa and Vaishali districts of Bihar to know the satisfaction level of dairy farmers towards the livestock service delivery of two Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) viz. J.K. Trust and BAIF (Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation). Data were collected through structured interview schedule from 120 randomly selected dairy farmers of different villages belonging to Saharsa and Vaishali districts. The study revealed that majority of the dairy farmers (91.67%) was highly satisfied with the production function of J. K. Trust. The percentage of respondents satisfied with their information, training and awareness camp services were 100.00, 86.67 and 83.33 per cent respectively, while 100.00, 91.67, 75.00 and 60.00 per cent respondents were dissatisfied with their group formation, product marketing, treatment facilities and preventive health care services respectively. The study further revealed that in the working area of BAIF, about 70.00, 68.33 and 63.33 per cent dairy farmers were highly satisfied with their training, awareness camp and production function respectively whereas, the percentage of respondents satisfied with their information and group formation services were 100.00 and 83.33 per cent respectively. About 91.67, 73.33 and 50.00 per cent respondents were dissatisfied with their preventive health care, product marketing and treatment facilities respectively.

Keywords : BAIF Dairy Farmers J. K. Trust Livestock Service Delivery NGOs Satisfaction

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