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Defecation Pattern in Cross-Bred Weaner Pigs under Different Housing System

Anup Kumar Singh Manjunath Patel Gyanendra Kumar Gaur Med Ram Verma Chandra Has Prasanta Boro Mohd Aurif Wagay Kuldeep Kumar Panigrahy
Vol 7(7), 109-117

To study the defecation pattern, 24 crossbred (Landrace x Desi) weaned pigs were distributed randomly into the two groups. Group I: Pigs kept in pens with covered area but no open area (Intensive housing) while Group II: In pens having both covered and open area (Semi-Intensive). The defecation pattern was observed 24 hrs consecutively for five days. The defecation pattern in both groups differed significantly (P<0.01) day × location wise. In Group I: highest defecation was observed near drinker (a) and lowest defecation was observed near feeder (f). In Group II: highest number of defecation was observed near the middle gate location (c) and least number of defecation was observed in empty dry-4 location (f) of the open paddock. Total number of defecation by Group I and Group II weaner were 474 & 435 in 5 days observation, respectively. Each weaner defecated once in 3 hours in intensive housing and once in 3.2 hours in semi intensive housing. It can be concluded that in both systems, pigs maintained some of the locations for defecation purpose and avoided near feeder and lying area.

Keywords : Crossbred Defecation Intensive Semi Intensive

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