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Detection of Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor Gene Polymorphism in Murrah and Graded Murrah Buffaloes

R. S. Kathiravan R. Chitra N. Murli M. Arthanarieswaran
Vol 9(7), 143-147

A study was undertaken in 203 Murrah and graded Murrah buffaloes reared under organised farm and farmers field conditions in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to study the polymorphism of FSHR gene by PCR- RFLP method and to analyse the possible associations of these gene variants with age at first calving and calving intervals. The PCR amplification carried out with specific forward (F - 5’- CTG CCT CCC TCA AGG TGC CCC TC -3’) and reverse (R – 5’- AGT TCT TGG CTA AAT GTC TTA GGG GG -3) primers. The 306 bp amplified PCR products of FSHR (exon 10) gene was genotyped based on RFLP with AluI restriction enzymes and all the tested animals were monomorphic and showed unique banding pattern which indicated the fixation of C allele in buffaloes.

Keywords : Polymorphism FSHR/AluI PCR – RFLP Buffalo

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