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Determinants Factors Affecting the Red Meat of Livestock Exports during the Period of (2004-2015), Khartoum, Sudan

Abdalgabar Suliman Hamid Ahmed Mohmed Musa Ali Ibrahim Suleiman Hassan Suleiman
Vol 8(7), 304-318

The study was carried out at Khartoum, Sudan during the period of (2018). The paper investigated the main reasons effect the recent trends of the Sudanese red meat export, as well as specifying the main importers of Sudanese during the period of (2004-2015). The paper used secondary data and relevant documents to the field of study. A set of research tools and methods including; the liner regression, descriptive analysis of the time series data. The study findings have shown that the livestock red meat trends experienced several changes throughout the examined period. The trends of livestock head showed improvements by (R² = 69). Regarding the production, domestic consumption and the total export are gradually decreased by the (R² = 0.379, R² = 0.522 and R² = 0.209) respectively. The exchange rate movements (USD) of (R² = 0.735) sharply increased and went up till (2015). Moreover, the Sudanese red meat main importers are Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Qater, Emirates and Oman. Furthermore, exporting of the red meat is economically profitable and gains a hard currency. The paper recommend, on the production level- to improve the livestock feeding, improve genetic, provide technical and experienced personal. At the industries level- to monitor the livestock farming, slaughtering houses and the markets. At the export level- to establish a modern slaughtering house particularly, at Khartoum level and to stick on the quality control to fulfill the export requirements and improve competitiveness in foreign markets. To gains the exports revenues- is to export the livestock products in different form not as row material. Future and the research direction should focus on the livestock products both domestic and import to gains the economics and profitable in different form and crated the utilities and the value added by grading and standardization of the livestock products; weight, age, facts, cover including hoofs and fleece to the import countries.

Keywords : Livestock Red Meat Livestock Marketing Functions Livestock Supply Chain

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