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Determination Of Quality And Shelf Life Of Three Marine Fishes (Coral Trout, Greasy Grouper And Red Mouthed Bream) Based On Total Volatile Nitrogen Test (TVN)

Hassan Mohammed Adam Sulieman Lubna Osman Abdel Bari Mohamed Abdel Hafiz
Vol 2(2), 227-235

This study was carried out to evaluate the quality and Shelf life of three marine fishes (Coral trout, Greasy grouper, and Red mouthed bream) based on total volatile nitrogen test (TVN). The studied fish was collected newly caught from commercial sale point at Khartoum center- Sudan, kept under -4 Co and immediately transferred to laboratory for further analysis. The total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) test was performed to assess the shelf life period and quality status of product at intervals time of 5days extended for 40 days. The results revealed that the total volatile basic nitrogen (TVB-N) ratio in the first two species (coral trout and greasy grouper) reached the recommended limit (30mg/100g) at interval time of 25 days, while the third one (Red mouthed bream) reached the recommended limit in interval time of 20days as the limits of TVN for fishery products in Commission Regulation (EC) NO 2074/2005, which was ranged between 25 to 35 milligrams of nitrogen/ 100grams of fish flesh. It could be concluded that this result can comply with Europe Unite (EU) standard which was widely used in many world countries.

Keywords : quality Shelf life coral trout greasy grouper red mouthed bream total volatile nitrogen test

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