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Development and Quality Evaluation of Ready to Fry Seasoning Meat Pellets

M. Anna Anandh
Vol 9(7), 218-226

Meat based ready to fry seasoning pellets with 20, 30 and 40 % goat meat emulsion were developed and their quality were evaluated. The corresponding levels of rice flour were 80%, 70% and 60% in the respective formulations. Control ready to fry seasoning pellets contained 100% rice flour and no goat meat emulsion. Linear and significantly (P<0.05) increased values were observed from control to goat meat incorporated ready to fry seasoning pellets for pH, product yield, bulk density, moisture, protein and fat contents. Significantly (P<0.05) reverse trends were observed for hydratability, water absorption index and water solubility index. Results of sensory evaluation on 9 - point hedonic scale showed appearance and colour, flavour, texture, crispness, after taste, meat flavour intensity and overall palatability were higher for 30% goat meat emulsion incorporated ready to fry seasoning pellets followed by 40% and 20% goat meat emulsion incorporated ready to fry seasoning pellets. Thus, it can be concluded that, 30% goat meat emulsion can be successfully used preparation of meat based ready to fry seasoning pellets.

Keywords : Acceptability Emulsion Goat Meat Pellets Quality Ready to Fry

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