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Diagnosis of Canine Abdominal Affections Using Ultrasonography – A Retrospective Study

Mahendran Karunanithy Priyanka Mahadappa Saravanan Mani Vijayakumar Haridas Chetan G Eregowda Bhanuprakash A. G. Sahadeb Dey
Vol 7(4), 152-157

A total of 390 dogs with the history and clinical signs of abdominal affections were scanned with ultrasound over a period of 3 years at Division of Veterinary Medicine, IVRI. It was found that affections of genital system constitute about 51.79 per cent and rest other include affections of hepatobiliary system (11.53 per cent), urinary system (6.92 per cent), splenic disorder (4.35 per cent), digestive system (2.05 per cent), mixed system and other disorders (14.10 per cent) and in 9.23 per cent cases abnormalities were not detected.

Keywords : Abdominal Affections Canine Ultrasonography

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