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Distribution of E. coli in Milk and Dairy Products Marketed in Different Zones of Chennai Metropolis

Annal Selva Malar P. M. Sekar K. Porteen Rita Narayanan A. Elango M. Sowmiya
Vol 8(11), 327-332

Milk and dairy products act as an important source of food-borne pathogens. Among pathogens that can get access to milk, E. coli is of great concern since 1980s and thus remains a serious health risk. In the present study, raw milk (75), pasteurized milk (45) and dairy products (447) were purchased from several retail outlets and supermarkets in different zones of Chennai city and were screened for E. coli contamination by both conventional and molecular methods. Out of 567 samples examined, 34 (5.99%) were found to be positive for E. coli which comprises of 9 (12%) raw milk and 25 (5.59%) dairy products. Further, highest contamination was seen in indigenous heat and acid coagulated products. While none of the pasteurized milk samples were positive for E. coli. All the samples were found to be negative for E coli O157:H7 in CT-SMAC agar, in the present study.

Keywords : Conventional E. coli Dairy Products Milk Molecular Method

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