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Echocardiographic Evaluation of Left Ventricular Function in Black Bengal Goat

Jegaveera Pandian Sankariah Pankaj Kumar
Vol 7(2), 28-34

Two-dimensional echocardiography was performed in conscious Black Bengal goats to assess the left ventricular (LV) function. Apparently healthy adult goats (n=71) comprising intact males (n=11), castrated males (n=10), non-pregnant (n=43) and pregnant (n=7) goats were selected for this study. The mean LV parameters like End diastolic diameter (EDD), End systolic diameter (ESD), Ejection time (ET) per second, Heart rate (HR) in beats per minutes, End systolic volume (ESV), End diastolic volume (EDV), Stroke volume (SV), Cardiac output (CO), Ejection fraction (EF), percentage Fractional shortening (FS), mean normalised systolic ejection rate (MSER) and mean velocity of circumferential fibre shortening (VCF) were 23.29±3.70, 12.82±3.22, 0.32±0.09, 119.23±33.45, 2.51±1.83, 13.57±6.43, 11.07±5.30, 1.29±0.66, 81.83±8.89, 45.01±9.99, 35.84±17.26 and 1.52±0.65 respectively. There was no significant difference observed in the most studied parameters in between pregnant and non-pregnant goats except for heart rate and mean VCF which were significantly higher in male black Bengal goats. But there was significant difference in HR, ET and VCF observed between castrated and intact males. EDD, ESV, EDV, SV, CO and MSER were having highly significant correlation with the body weight (p<0.01). The EDD, EDV and stroke volume had significant (p<0.01) positive correlation with age. The heart rate, MVCF were found to be significantly positively correlated with (p<0.01) the physiological status like pregnancy and castration.

Keywords : Echocardiography Left Ventricular Function Baseline Black Bengal

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