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Economic Empowerment of Women through Dairy Cooperatives in Jaipur District of Rajasthan

Virendra Singh Sanjay Kumar Rewani Gara Ram Saini Manisha Singodia
Vol 8(5), 319-326

A study was carried out on 120 randomly selected Women Dairy Cooperative Society (WDCS) members in Jaipur district of Rajasthan to assess their economic empowerment through dairy cooperatives. Data were collected through structured interview schedule. The study revealed that there was no change in land holdings of the respondent households but considerable increase in their home appliances and vehicles after WDCS membership. About 30.83 per cent member households had converted their kutcha houses to semi pucca or pucca houses while 38.33 per cent member households had constructed pucca sheds for their animals after becoming the WDCS members. There was significant increase in employment but non-significant change in access to finance, ownership of assets and confidence in financial transactions of the members after WDCS membership. The study also revealed that the annual income from dairy farming, other occupations and total annual household income of the members increased significantly (P<0.01).

Keywords : Economic Empowerment Employment Women Dairy Cooperative Society

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