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Economics of Broiler Rearing Under Different Colours of Light

Tasaduk Khaliq A. A. Khan H. Hamadani M. Shafi M. T. Banday
Vol 7(6), 58-62

Light has a profound effect on the production performance of broilers. A study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of different colours of light on economics of broiler production. A total of 240, day-old, straight run broiler chicks were divided into 4 treatments each comprising of four replicates of 15 birds each. Chicks of treatment group G1, G2, G3 and G4 were provided blue, green, red and plain incandescent light respectively. All treatments were provided continuous artificial photoperiod of 24 hours for entire rearing period (6wks). The economics of trial taking into consideration all the factors such as FCR, final body weight and mortality revealed better economic returns from the birds reared under blue light as compared to green and control group while as loss was encountered in the birds reared under red light.

Keywords : Broilers Colour Economics Light

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