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Effect of α-Galactosidase Supplementation to Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) Meal Based Diets on Production and Egg Quality Parameters in Commercial Layers

Lakavath Vidya Sagar Malisetty Venkateswarlu Jatoth Narasimha Raghunandan
Vol 7(9), 53-60

An experiment was conducted for 112 days (4 periods) on 5280 number of 37 weeks old layer birds (WL-BV300) to determine the effect of α-galactosidase supplementation to guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) meal (GM) based diets on egg production (EP), feed intake (FI), feed efficiency (FE), egg weight (EW) and egg quality parameters like egg density, egg breaking strength, haugh unit score, shell weight and shell thickness. Six experimental diets (each treatment has 880 birds at 10 replicates of 88 birds in each) were prepared having 3% GM (3GMC), 3% GM with α-galactosidase (3GMCE), 3% GM low (100 kcal/kg) energy (3GMB), 3GMB with α-galactosidase enzyme (3GMBE), 6% GM (6GM) and 6% GM with α-galactosidase (6GME). Results of the experiment did not shown the effect (P>0.05) on EP, FI, FE and egg quality parameters on α-galactosidase enzyme addition except EW shown improved on addition of enzyme to the low energy diet which is in between the 3GMC and 3GMBgroups. Supplementation of α-galactosidase (2 IU/kg diet) enzyme to toasted GM based diets did not significantly affect production performance in layers but a trend of improvement was observed and no significant difference (P>0.05) was observed on egg density, Haugh unit score, shell weight and shell thickness.

Keywords : α-galactosidase Egg Production Parameters Egg Quality Parameters Guar Meal

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