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Effect of Application of Papain on Spent Hen by Marination in Combination with Vacuum Tumbling

Bhaskar Kanchi Robinson J. J. Abraham V. Appa Rao R. Narendra Babu A. Serma Saravana Pandian S. Wilfred Ruban
Vol 7(8), 153-159

A study on improving the tenderness of spent hen meat was carried out to determine the optimum level of ultra refined papain powder and time period of marination and vacuum tumbling. The physico-chemical characteristics viz. pH, Shear force value, myofibrillar fragmentation index, protein solubility, collagen solubility and organoleptic characteristics were analyzed at 30 and 120 minutes. The results revealed that marination for half an hour with vacuum tumbling for 15 minutes with 100 TU of Ultra Refined Papain Powder (URPP) for chicken breast and 125 TU (URPP) for chicken thigh would be optimum for improving the tenderness of spent hen meat.

Keywords : Spent Hen Meat Tenderness Vacuum Tumbling Marination

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