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Effect of Copper Supplementation on the Growth Performance of Newly Weaned Piglets

V. S. Rajput Vishal Mudgal G. P. Lakhani Shalini Srivastava
Vol 2(2), 69-73

To study the effect of copper supplementation on the growing crossed piglets, 10 five week’s old weaned piglets (body weight 9 ± 4kg) were divided into two groups of 5 each on the basis of body weight as per complete randomized design (CRD). One of the groups was fed the basal diet made up of maize 45%, Rice polish 43.75%, mustard cake 8.75% and Fish meal 2.5%, while another worked as treatment and fed 250ppm copper through copper sulphate penta-hydrate, in addition to the same basal diet.Piglets were weighed fortnightly for one month and the data were analyzed by T test. The results revealed that the effect of copper supplementation on the growth performance remained statistically similar (P>0.05) between the two groups.Thus the study indicates that supplementation of 250ppm copper in the diet of piglets did not affect the growth performance (P>0.05) when the period of study was very short i.e. one month and hence recommended a long term study to evaluate proper response of copper supplementation in piglets.

Keywords : Copper sulphate Piglets Growth performance

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