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Effect of Different Concentrate Level Supplementation on the Periparturient Growth Performance of Grazing Does and Their Kids in Extensive System

Shilpi Kerketta Shayam Singh Sarangdevot Chandra Prakash Pachauri Pushpendra Singh Naruka Shilpi Verma Abhishek Kumar Singh
Vol 7(8), 85-91

The present study was conducted to evaluate the effects of different level of concentrate supplementation on the periparturient growth performance of grazing does and their kids in field conditions. A total of thirty goats carrying last trimester of pregnancy were selected and divided randomly into three treatment groups having 10 goats in each and kept in different feeding regimens as follows: Treatment -1 (T0): Control; normal browsing at range system, Treatment - 2 (T1): Control plus daily supplementation @ 200 g concentrate and Treatment - 3 (T2): Control plus daily supplementation @ 300 g concentrate. The concentrate mixture was fed to the does 60 days before the expected date of kidding. Average body weight gain of goats was significantly (P< 0.05) higher in T2 (5.23±0.49 kg) and non significantly in T1 (4.52±0.67 kg) than in T0 (2.32±0.12 kg) during the experiment period of gestation. The kids suckled from T1 and T2 group goats retained higher average daily gain up to three months of age. The average BW gain was significantly (P<0.05) higher in T2 (steamed up) group (8.43 kg) when compared to T0 (control group) (6.86 kg) group. It was concluded that concentrate supplementation improved the periparturient body weight of Sirohi does by increasing the energy status in grazing goats around kidding and the kids from these dams are born with higher body weight.

Keywords : Concentrate Supplementation Body weight Periparturient Does

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