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Effect of Early and Split Weaning Management on Reproductive Performance of Large White Yorkshire Pigs

K. Saikia G. Kalita L. Hmar A. K. Samanta R. Goswami T. C. Tolenkhomba D. J. Talukdar T. Chutia
Vol 7(12), 59-64

A total of 18 lactating Large White Yorkshire (LWY) sows along with their litters were selected for the study and divided into three groups viz.T1, T2 and T3. Early Weaning of piglets was done in T1 and T3 groups at day 24 and day 28 of lactation respectively. Split weaning was followed for the piglets under group T2, where heavier half of the litters were weaned at day 24 and remaining were weaned at day 28 of lactation. Weaned sow was observed for onset of post weaning estrus to record weaning to estrus interval (WEI). The study revealed that average litter size and litter weight at birth and weaning were not significant among different weaning groups. In this study, it was observed that the weaning to estrus interval was significantly (p<0.01) shorter in T2 (4.33± 0.21) than T1 (5.33±0.21) and T3 (5.17±0.17). In conclusion split weaning practice reduces the weaning to estrus interval in weaned sow without affecting litter size and litter weight at subsequent farrowing.

Keywords : Early Weaning Split Weaning Weaning to Estrus Interval

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