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Effect of Feeding Curd as a Probiotic on Growth Performance, Nutrient Utilization, Blood Biochemical and Ceacal Microbial Profile in Broilers

Nabonita Chaudhary B.N. Saikia Runjun Dowarah S. Tamuly D. Sapcota
Vol 7(12), 165-173

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of curd as probiotic on growth performance, nutrient utilization, blood biochemical and caecal microbial profile in broiler chicken. Day old broiler chicks (n=200) were procured and reared for one week with standard chick mash, and then divided into three dietary treatments having three replicates of 22 chicks in each. The treatment groups were fed the following rations for 42 days; T1 group fed basal diets alone (control), T2 and T3 groups fed basal diet with 10 and 20 percent probiotic product (curd fermented maize). At the end of the feeding experiment, a metabolic trial was conducted to evaluate the digestibility of nutrients. Average body weight change and gain in weight were higher (P<0.05) in T2 group compared to other dietary groups. The feed: gain ratio did not differ among the treatment groups. Digestibility of dry matter, ether extract and nitrogen free extract were not affected due to incorporation of probiotic product. However, highest (P<0.05) digestibility of crude protein and crude fibre was observed in T2 group. The concentration of serum total protein was improved (P<0.05) with lower (P<0.05) serum glucose and cholesterol in T2 group compared to T1 and T3 group. Caecal Lactobacilli count was increased (P<0.05) with decreased (P<0.05) E. coli count in either of the supplemented groups. Thus, it can be concluded that incorporation of curd as probiotic product up to 10% level in broiler ration is beneficial for growth performance, nutrient digestibility and caceal microbial count without hampering blood biochemical parameters.

Keywords : Broiler Ration Curd Microbial Count Probiotic

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