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Effect of Lactation Stages on Blood Metabolic Profile of Mehshani Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis)

Hemen Das Abdul Lateef H. H. Panchasara M. Ayub Ali Pranab Chandra Kalita Probal Jyoti Doley
Vol 7(4), 256-263

Present study reports effect lactation stages on blood metabolic profile of Mehshani buffalo. For the investigation, 18 clinically healthy lactating buffaloes were divided into three equal groups: group I (early stage), group II (mid stage) and group III (late stage).The concentration of blood glucose was lowest in early stage and increased subsequently as the lactation advances unlike the protein level. The albumin concentration was highest in early lactation stage and lowest in mid lactation. The total cholesterol was lowest in mid stage and highest in late lactation stage. The levels of BUN and uric acid were also higher in initial stage of lactation and decreased thereafter. Nonetheless, the concentration of creatinine and total bilirubin were almost similar in all the groups. However, except globulin and total cholesterol, the variations observed pertaining to other metabolites were non-significant amongst the groups. Current study thus signifies a tight homeostatic control of blood metabolites throughout the lactation period. Nonetheless, data generated may aid in assessing the metabolic health of Mehshani buffaloes.

Keywords : Mehshani Buffalo Lactation Stage Blood Metabolic Profile

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