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Effect of Mineral Mixture Feeding on the Productive and Reproductive Performance of Crossbred Cattle

Rohit Gupta Kuldeep Singh Manoj Sharma Munish Kumar
Vol 7(12), 231-236

A field study was conducted to identify effect of mineral mixture feeding on the production and reproductive performance of crossbred cow. 50 animals were selected in their late gestation period and divided in to two groups of 25 animals each. First group (T) was fed with 60 gm mineral mixture daily till 180 days of lactation. Other group (C) was kept devoid from additional mineral mixture feeding which is farmer practice in that particular area. Milk production parameters like avg. daily milk yield, peak yield, total milk yield, milk fat %, SNF %, total milk solid and reproductive parameters like days of first post-partum estrus, service period, service per conception, conception rate were compared between treatment and control groups. It was observed that avg. daily milk yield, peak yield and total 180 days milk production were found significantly (P ≤ 0.05) higher by 13.4%, 16.17% and 13.07 % in mineral mixture fed group than control group, however milk composition parameter were differed non-significantly between treatment and control group. Mineral mixture fed group had edge on control group in respect to reproductive efficiency. In which days of first post-partum estrus and conception rate were found significantly (P ≤ 0.05) shorter and higher, respectively in treatment group compared to control group. Finding of this experiment suggest that continuous feeding of mineral mixture bettered performance of dairy cross bred animal in respect of their production and reproductive performance.

Keywords : Dairy Animals Milk Production Mineral Mixture Reproduction

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