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Effect of Non-Genetic Factors on Production and Reproduction Traits in Deoni Cattle

Vilas B Dongre Laxikant S Kokate Vishwas M Salunke Prajakta V Jadhav Vivek N Khandait Sharad M Durge Prafull V Patil
Vol 7(9), 220-225

The present investigation was carried out in Deoni cattle maintained at cattle breeding farm, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Udgir Dist- Latur to see the influence of various non-genetic factors on production and reproduction traits. The breeding tract of Deoni breed is the Marathwada region which is considered as a most drought prone regions of the country. Therefore, the present research has an importance to investigate the change in the performance of production and reproduction traits in this changing environment. The study revealed that there is no significant effect of season of calving, period of calving and parity on total milk yield as well as on dry period, lactation length, service period, gestation period and calving interval. The overall least squares mean for total lactation milk yield, service period, dry period, calving interval, lactation length and gestation period were 714.26±69.72 litres, 214.52±43.25 days, 204.77±32.86 days, 489.23±36.83 days, 284.89±31.92 days and 288.83±10.29 days, respectively. Service period had highly significant (p<0.01) correlation with lactation length, dry period and calving interval. The highest correlation (0.876) was observed between lactation length and service period followed by calving interval and lactation length.

Keywords : Calving Interval Deoni Breed Lactation Length Milk Yield Service Period

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