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Effect of Acute Heat Stress on Hatchability Parameters of Broiler Breeders

Aswathi Plantharayil Bharathan Subrat Kumar Bhanja
Vol 9(12), 90-94

Broiler breeders are highly susceptible to heatstress due to heavy body weight and limited heat dissipation mechanisms. Impact of acute heat exposure on hatchability parameters of broiler breeders’ birds was studied. Broiler breeder birds (CARI SML cockerels 40 and hens 120) at 30 weeks of age were divided into control and HT groups. Control was exposed to THI<80 (Temp 30ºC, RH 50-55%) and HT birds were exposed to THI>90 (Temp 37ºC & RH 70-75%) for 6 hrs daily for 10 days. After that both HT and C were maintained under similar conditions (THI<80), AI started and hatching eggs were collected for 10 days. Even after completion of heat stress period, but within 13 days in HT, change in HDEP (-5.21%), hatchability on FES (-2.51%) and day-old chick weight (-5.31%) were observed. In conclusion, heat stress has negative impact on the hatchability parameters of broiler breeders.

Keywords : Broiler Breeders Fertility Hatchability Heat-Stress Psychrometric

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