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Effect of Age at Calving and Lactation Order on Milk Yield Per Kg of Live Body Weight in Murrah Buffaloes Under Organized Farm Conditions

G. R. Channa A. K. S. Tomar H. O. Pandey Cherryl Miranda
Vol 9(9), 149-156

The present study has been conducted on 23 years data (1996 to 2018) pertaining to 1223 lactations of Murrah buffaloes under suckling system of calf rearing at Cattle and Buffalo Farm (Livestock Production and Management Section), ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (Bareilly), Uttar Pradesh, India. The milk yields per kg of live body weight (MY/BW) were estimated by dividing monthly milk yields (MMY) in a lactation by respective average monthly live body weights (MLB) of milch buffaloes during 1-13th months of lactation. The effect of age at calving was studied by forming five age at calving classes (ACC1: ≤1095 d; ACC2: 1096-1460 d; ACC3: 1461-1825 d; ACC4: 1826-2190 d and ACC5: ≥2191 d) and lactation orders considered were 1st to 11th lactations. Mostly significant differences (P≤0.01/0.05) were observed for milk yields per kg of live body weights along with monthly milk yields and monthly body weights of Murrah buffaloes for various age group classes and lactation orders.

Keywords : Age at Calving Lactation Order Milk Yield Per Kg of Live Body Weight Murrah Buffalo

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