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Effect of Amino Acid, Vitamin E, Selenium, MOS and Biotin Nutritional Formula Supplementation Through Feed at Different Dose Levels on Performance of Broiler Chicken

Kakasaheb Khose Manik Dhumal Mahalsakant Nikam Sandeep Rindhe
Vol 8(3), 70-79

The experiment was conducted to evaluate the performance of broiler by supplementation of amino acid, Vit. E, selenium, MOS and biotin nutritional formula. Three hundred day-old `Vencobb straight run chicks were weighed and distributed randomly in to three treatments groups Viz. A, B and C with three replicates of 25 chicks each. The treatment group A was control without nutritional formula. The treatment group B, C and D were supplemented with Amino Acid, Vit.-E, Selenium, MOS and biotin nutritional formula @ dose rate of 250 gm, 500 gm and 750 gm per metric ton of feed respectively. The body weight and weight gain were significantly (P<0.01) improved in treatment group C and group D compared to control group. There were non-significant differences between Treatment group A and B. The feed consumption was significantly (P<0.05) higher in Treatment group D as compared to control group. The feed conversion ratio was significantly (P<0.05) improved in nutritional formula supplemented groups. The higher livability was recorded in treatment group C and D. The edible carcass yield percent showed numerically higher in Treatment group D, however, the statistically differences were non-significant in all Treatment groups. The mean abdominal fat percent for treatment group B was highest (2.19), followed by C (1.89), D (1.47) and A (1.26). The thiobarbituric acid (TBA) value of meat stored at 0 & 15th days was numerically better in nutritional formula supplemented groups. The drip loss values at 15th days of meat storage was numerically improved in all nutritional formula supplemented groups. The supplementation of nutritional formula in broiler diet enhanced the net profit per kg of live weight. It was concluded that supplementation of nutritional formula played significant role in improving the bird’s performance in term of body weight, weight gain, feed consumption, FCR, profitability and also improved meat oxidative stability. The supplementation of nutritional formula at dose level of 750 gm/MT of feed is more beneficial from improved growth and profitability.

Keywords : Broilers Carcass Traits Economics Meat Quality Nutritional Formula Performance

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