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Effect of Amla Extract Supplementation on Growth Parameters of Escherichia coli Infected Broiler Chickens

Adya Prakash Rath K. K. Jakhar Renu Singh Sushma Vikas Nehra
Vol 9(6), 79-89

The present study was undertaken in broiler chickens to study the effect of dry fruit extract of amla supplementation on clinical signs, body weight and reduction in mortality in relation to the severity of colibacillosis. One hundred and sixty-eight day old healthy broiler chicks were divided into two groups (A and B) containing eighty-four birds each. Diet of all the chicks of group A was supplemented with grinded dry fruit extract of Amla @ 10g/kg of feed whereas, chicks of group B were given normal feed and water. At the age of 7 days chicks of group A1 and B1 were injected intraperitoneally with standard infective dose of pathogenic E. coli. O120 to produce experimental colibacillosis. Clinical signs of E. coli infection were dullness, depression, inappetance, drooping of head and neck, closing of eyes, ruffled feathers, huddling together near heat source, hock sitting position and some of the infected birds exhibited respiratory distress and bloody diarrhoea. Clinical signs were almost similar to those observed in group B1 but the severity of the clinical signs was of lesser intensity. Mortality in non-supplemented infected group started from 24 hours post infection and overall mortality was 58.20 per cent. On the other hand, mortality in amla supplemented infected group started from 2 days post infection and overall mortality was 43.75 per cent. Hence, dry fruit extract of amla supplementation leads to reduction in mortality and severity of disease in E. coli infected broiler chicken.

Keywords : Amla Escherichia coli Infection Growth Parameters Mortality

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