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Effect of Berberis aristata Root Powder – A Herbal Feed Additive- on Production Performance and Carcass Quality of Broiler Birds

Ritesh Prasad Shah Vinod Kumar Paswan Sanjay Kumar Jha Satya Prakash Yadav Abdullah Mohammed Ali Alolofi Abdelrazeq Mohamed Abdelrazeq
Vol 9(5), 40-45

The experiment was conducted on 195 unsexed Vencobb100 broiler chicks of similar weight in randomized block design (RBD). There were 5 treatments with 3 replications, 39 of 13 birds in each. The experimental diets were T1 (Basal ration), T2 (Basal ration + Antibiotic (Coltin -1 g/kg), T3 (Basal ration + Berberis aristata root powder @ 0.4 %), T4 (Basal ration + Berberis aristata root powder @ 0.5 %) and T5 (Basal ration + Berberis aristata root powder @ 0.6 %). There was no significant (>0.05) different among the average initial body weight, final body weight, body weight gain, feed consumption, feed cost/Kg in dollar, and cost of feed to produce one Kg live body weight. But the mortality percent was found highest in control group whereas no mortality rate were recorded in rest of the group. Significant difference (P<0.05) in carcass trait was found with lungs, wing piece and abdominal fat of male carcasses whereas no significant differences were found in female carcass. Lowest cost of production for one kg live body weight was found with feed fed with T3 i.e., 0.4% of Berberis aristata root powder in a basal diet.

Keywords : Broiler Berberis aristata Carcass Root Powder Weight Gain

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