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Effect of Breed on Seminal Characters of Breeding Bulls of Odisha

Sudipta Kumar Panda Gangadhar Nayak Chinmoy Mishra
Vol 7(6), 63-68

Semen was collected and evaluated for seminal parameters (SV, SC, IPM, PTM and TS) for 104 bulls of Frozen Semen Bank (FSB) for a period of 120 days. The different breeds under study were Jersey, Haryana, Red Sindhi, cross between Jersey and Red Sindhi and other cross with non-descriptive cattle. Mean value of SV, SC, IPM, PTM and TS were calculated to be 5.07±0.053, 842.097±30.09, 60.5±0.37, 46.95±0.36 and 3528.03±67.14. It was found that individual have significant (p<0.05) effect on SV, IPM, PTM and TS. But individual has no effect on semen concentration. Breed wise mean for all the seminal characters were calculated. The mean for SV was highest for Haryana bulls (5.34±0.11ml) and lowest mean was observed for RS bulls (4.61±0.13ml). CB produced the least concentrated semen (702.3±21.2mill/ml). Jersey bulls have highest PTM (48.8±0.65) and CB bulls have least PTM (45.5±1) and over all the Haryana bulls are producing better quality semen among the four breeds. Except PTM all other traits differ significantly among different breeds at p<0.01. PTM have a significant difference at 0.05% level of significance.

Keywords : Breeding Bull Semen Breed Seminal Characters

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