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Effect of Different Dietary Levels of Untreated and Copper Sulphate Treated Mustard Oil Cake (Brassica campestris) on Growth Performance and Nutrient Utilization of Broiler Chickens

Mridushmita Sonowal Hassan Farooque Ahmed Pranjal Borah
Vol 8(10), 226-230

An experiment was conducted to study the growth performance and nutrient utilization of 280 numbers of day old broiler chicks for 42 days, which were randomly divided into equal seven groups with two replicates and offered ad lib diets containing no MOC (T1) or untreated MOC and CuSO4 treated MOC (@ 8g/kg) at 10 (T2 and T3), 15 (T4 and T5) and 20 % (T6 and T7) levels respectively. Body weight gain (g) were significantly (P<0.01) higher in T3 and T5 group while significantly lower (P<0.01) gain was found in T4, T6 and T7 group than control. Highly significant (P<0.01) differences was observed in FCR among the different treatment groups and no significant difference was observed in digestibility of organic nutrients. The study conclude that MOC treated with CuSO4 @ 8g/kg meal can be incorporated in the diet of broiler chicken upto 15 % level with a distinct economic advantage.

Keywords : Broiler Chickens Glucosinolates Mustard Oil Cake

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