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Effect of Feeding Different Levels of Concentrate Mixture on Yield and Composition of Milk and Lactation Length in Sirohi Goats

Vinod Bhateshwar Mahesh Datt Ganesh Ram Jat Pankaj Aman Rathaur Hitesh Muwal
Vol 8(12), 113-119

A study was conducted to assess the “Effect of feeding different levels of concentrate mixture on yield and composition of milk, and lactation length in sirohi goats”. The experiment was conducted at RKVY Goat unit, S.K.N. College of Agriculture, Jobner (Jaipur) during November 2016 to May, 2017. Twenty four lactating Sirohi goats (36.2±0.7 kg) were taken for the study. The total duration of feeding experiment was 90 days; however, the lactation length was also recorded. Apart from daily grazing, concentrate mixture was offered to the exyent of 0.00 gm (T1) as control, 100gm (T2), 200gm (T3) and 300gm (T4), respectively with Prosopis cineraria (Khejri) dry leaves feeding ad libitum. The results revealed that significantly (P<0.05) higher daily milk yield, total milk yield, % fat, % solid not-fat as well as % total solids -in T4 than T3, T2 and control T1. The mean lactation length was recorded as 153.5±1.70 days with the lactation length ranging between 141 to 160 days. Thus with increasing amount in concentrate feeding there was successive increase in daily milk yield, total milk yield and improvement in milk composition. It is concluded that there is a certain beneficial effect of concentrate mixture feeding on daily milk yield, total milk yield and milk composition performance during lactation period in Sirohi goats.

Keywords : Concentrate Mixture Milk Yield Milk Composition Lactating Length Sirohi Goats

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