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Effect of Feeding Different Levels of Prosopis cineraria Dry Leaves and Barley Grain on Growth Performance and Body Conformations of Goat Kids

Priyanka Meena Athar Uddin Vinod Kumar Paswan Satya Prakash Yadav
Vol 8(7), 201-211

This study was conducted to assess the body weight gain, body conformational changes and to develop the equation to predict the body weight gain based on body measurements in goat kids fed with different level of diets. Twenty seven goat kids divided into three equal groups were fed for 90 days on a composite feed mixture (CFM), prepared with roughage Prosopis cineraria dry leaves and barley grain in ratio of 80:20 (D1), 60:40 (D2) and 40:60 (D3) respectively, along with 2% mineral mixture and 1% common salt. The percentage of DM, CP, NDF, ADF, cellulose, lignin and tannins was higher in D1 and D2 than that of D3 CFM. The final body weight, height, heart girth and punch girth were higher (P<0.05) in D3 (15.88kg, 57.77, 58.72 and 65.69 cm) followed by D1 (14.40 kg, 56.63, 57.94 and 64.02 cm) and D2 (13.92 kg, 57.44, 56.91 and 63.25 cm) kids, whereas, the length was higher in D1 (47.63 cm) followed by D2 (47.47 cm) and D3 (47.41) CFM fed kids. The total body weight gain and average daily gain were highest (P<0.05) in D3 (3.39 kg and 43.70 g) and lowest in the D2 (3.08 kg and 34.32 g) kids. Total feed intake (kg) during the experiment was higher (P<0.05) in D1 (53.02) and D3 (51.46) than in D2 (50.97) kids. The group-wise regression coefficients (R2) for predicting the body weight gain using the body conformations ranged from 73.81 (D3) to 97.68% (D1), whereas the overall R2 was 84.47%. The study revealed that body measurements can be used for prediction of body weight. It is also concluded that a mixture of Prosopis cineraria dry leaves and barley grain in ratio of 80:20 proved better for feeding of kids.

Keywords : Body Conformations Goat Kids Growth Performances Prosopis cineraria Leaves

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