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Effect of Feeding of Azolla (Azolla pinnata) on the Performance of White Pekin Laying Ducks

B. K. Swain P. K. Naik S. K. Sahoo S. K. Mishra Dhirendra Kumar
Vol 8(8), 248-253

A study was conducted to see the effect of feeding of fresh azolla (Azolla pinnata) on the performance of White Pekin laying ducks (60 no., 56 weeks) divided into three groups (each group had four replicates with five laying ducks per replicate) and were randomly fed three diets i.e. T1-control diet (Standard duck layer diet(SDLD)), T2 (SDLD reduced by 10% + fresh azolla @ 100g/duck/day) and T3(SDLD reduced by 20% + fresh azolla @ 200g/duck/day). The azolla contained 4.74 % dry matter (DM); 24.93% crude protein (CP); 3.48% ether extract (EE); 13.80% crude fibre (CF), 16.84% total ash (TA) and 40.95 % nitrogen free extract (NFE). Egg production and egg weight increased significantly (P<0.05) due to the feeding of Azolla at both the levels. The feed consumption was significantly (P<0.05) higher for T2 group. The feed conversion ratio (FCR), performance efficiency index and shape index of eggs were significantly (P<0.01) improved for the azolla fed ducks. The egg quality characteristics viz. haugh unit score, albumen index, yolk index and shell thickness with or without shell membrane (mm) were similar for both control and azolla fed ducks. The yolk colour of ducks fed azolla was deep orange compared to the control group. It can be concluded that feeding of fresh azolla @ 200g/duck/day as replacement of 20 % of concentrate feed in White Pekin Laying ducks was beneficial in terms of improved FCR, performance efficiency index, egg production, egg weight with better shape index of eggs and enriched yolk colour.

Keywords : Azolla Egg quality Production Performance White Pekin Laying Ducks

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