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Effect of Hormonal Treatment on Induction of Milk in Crossbred Cattle

Manoj Sharma
Vol 8(9), 305-311

The present experiment was conducted to test the effect of hormonal treatment on the induction of milk in non-pregnant cross bred cows, heifers and repeat breeders which were not conceiving and to prevent the crossbred female animals from becoming the stray by putting them into lactation. The experiment was carried out on 9 animals kept at farmers’ dairy farms and 3 animals in the KVK’s dairy demonstration unit. It was noticed that all the treated animals started lactating on 14th to 15th day of the therapy but the secretions were watery. Later on 18th to 20th day, milk synthesis was started and about 500 ml. of milk was obtained. There was a gradual increase in the milk yield up to 25d after starting the treatment. The highest average milk yield obtained was 5.6kg/d amongst 4 heifers and the lowest value was 4.3 kg/d whereas the peak yield was found to be 11.5 kg/d and lowest peak was 6.5kg/d. Similarly, there was a variation in the number of days a heifer remained in lactation and the values varied between 370 to 420d. It was observed that there was a significant difference in the response of hormonal treatment on the type of animals. All aged animals did not respond well and there was a low average milk yield of 1.3 kg/d and the maximum was 2.5 kg/d whereas the value for peak yield was 4.0kg/d. Although, animals under both repeat breeder and aged group responded equally and there was no significant difference in both the groups regarding average milk yield, peak yield or duration of lactation. Hence, it can be said that this technique can help in reducing the population of stray animals but the use of this technique should be considered as last option for initiating lactation in problematic crossbred cattle only.

Keywords : Anoestrus Crossbred Cattle Heifers Hormonal Treatment Induction of Milk

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