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Effect of Jaggery Filter Cake Supplementation on Nutrient Digestibility in Grower and Finisher Large White Yorkshire Pigs

B. H. M. Patel Sanjay Kumar S. B. Prasanna
Vol 9(2), 204-210

Jaggery filter cake (JFC) is scum obtained while making Jaggery. Considering the importance of JFC as un-conventional feed in economic pig feeding, the study was conducted on digestibility of JFC in grower and finisher stages of Large White Yorkshire pigs fed on different levels of JFC. The experiment was designed using 30 Large White Yorkshire piglets (3 ½ month old), randomly divided and maintained on 5 dietary treatment groups, viz. group I: concentrate only, group II: concentrate +250 g JFC, group III: concentrate +500 g JFC, group IV: concentrate +750 g JFC and group V: ad lib. JFC only. Jaggery filter cake supplementation was increased in the ratio of 50:100:150 g in group II, III, IV respectively, every fortnight during grower stage and every week during finisher stage. Digestive trial was conducted once during the grower and finisher period as per standard procedure. During growing stage the dry matter digestibility (%) was 70.92 ± 1.38, 69.66 ± 1.06, 68.94 ± 0.79, 70.60 ± 1.34 and 73.10 ± 1.26 and during finishing stage it was 74.00 ± 1.15, 71.36 ± 0.40, 75.49 ± 1.38, 75.20 ± 0.60 and 73.89 ± 1.30 in groups I, II, III, IV and V, respectively. During grower stage DM digestibility was higher in group V than other the groups, however, there was no significant difference in DM digestibility among the groups. Similar trend was also observed for OM, CP, EE and CF contents. However, highly significant (P<0.01) difference was found for NFE, and total carbohydrate digestibility among different treatment groups of pigs. During the finishing stage, there was an increase in digestibility % with respect to DM, EE, NFE and total carbohydrate in group V compared to rest of the groups. Contrarily, total ash digestibility during both grower and finishing stage was significantly low (P<0.01) in group V which might be due to less body requirement of minerals in pigs than the mineral contents present in JFC. When sole feeding of JFC was done (V group), digestibility of most of the nutrients was higher in comparison to JFC supplemented group with concentrate. The final weight of pigs in group I, II, III, IV & V was 69.25± 1.41, 73.04± 0.99, 72.92 ± 1.27, 74.79 ± 2.10 and 45.50 ± 1.01 kg respectively. Thus, it can be concluded that fresh jaggery filter cake is fairly digestible and can be offered to pigs in both stages without any adverse effect.

Keywords : Digestibility Finisher Grower Jaggery Filter Cake Pigs

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