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Effect of Monensin Supplementation on Serum Biochemical and Liver Specific Enzymes Activities in Early Lactating Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalus)

Prithviraj Shrikant Kulkarni K. B. Sathisha Srinivas Reddy Bellur Vivek R Kasaralikar S. M. Kartikesh
Vol 9(6), 198-203

The study assessed the effect of monensin sodium supplementation on blood biochemical parameters and liver specific enzymes activities in early lactating buffaloes. Control group was fed on standard ration whereas the treatment group was supplemented with monensin sodium @ 200 mg/head/day in addition to standard ration. Biochemical parameters and activities of liver specific enzymes were assessed by semi-automatic biochemical analyzer. The mean concentration of glucose was higher and BUN, cholesterol values were lower (P<0.05) in supplemented animals as compare to control animals. Therefore, it can be concluded that monensin sodium supplementation to early lactating buffaloes may be beneficial in improving the production as it shifts the rumen fermentation more towards propionate and increases the blood glucose availability for milk production. No effect on the activities of liver specific enzymes was noticed in treatment group suggestive of its safety in using it as a feed additive.

Keywords : Monensin Liver Biochemical Buffalo

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